Kerala State Lottery Result Today 30.09.2020 Live {Out} AKSHAYA (AK-463)

Kerala State Lottery Result Today Live കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം ഇന്ന് തത്സമയം 2020 – 2021 AKSHAYA (AK-463) കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം ഇന്ന് തത്സമയം NIRMAL (NR-190) STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-227) KARUNYA PLUS (KN-334) കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം ഇന്ന് തത്സമയം NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY (NR-166) കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം ഇന്ന് തത്സമയം Kerala State Lottery Result 2020 – 2021 കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം ഇന്ന് തത്സമയം May June July August September November December January February March April Result 2020

Kerala State Lottery Result Today Live {Out} (30.09.2020) AKSHAYA (AK-463)

Kerala State Lottery Result 2020 - 2021 May June July August September November December January February March April 2021

About Kerala Lottery Department –

The Kerala Lottery Department Was Introduced In 1967. The First Lottery Was Introduced On September 1, 1967, the same year. The ticket valued at Re. 1 carried the first prize money of Rs. 50,000. The first draw took place after more than 60 days i.e., on January 26.

Latest Kerala State Lottery Result Live Today 2020 – 2021 –

Lottery/DrawNo Draw Date View
AKSHAYA (AK-463) 30.09.2020 View
WIN WIN W-576 03.08.2020 View
Karunya KR-459 01/08/2020 View
Karunya Plus (KN-327) 30/07/2020 View
Sthree Sakthi (SS-220) 28/07/2020 View
Karunya KR-456 26/07/2020 View
Karunya KR-458 25/07/2020 View
NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY (NR-183) 24/07/2020 View
Karunya Plus (KN-326) 23/07/2020 View
Akshaya (AK-455) 22/07/2020 View
Sthree Sakthi (SS-219) 21/07/2020 View
WIN-WIN (W-574) 20/07/2020 View
Karunya KR-457 18/07/2020 View
NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY (NR-182) 17/07/2020 View
Karunya Plus (KN-325) 16/07/2020 View
Akshaya (AK-454) 15/07/2020 View
Sthree Sakthi (SS-218) 14/07/2020 View
WIN-WIN (W-573) 13/07/2020 View
NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY (NR-181) 10/07/2020 View
Karunya Plus (KN-324) 09/07/2020 View
Akshaya (AK-453) 08/07/2020 View
Sthree Sakthi (SS-217) 07/07/2020 View
WIN-WIN (W-572) 06/07/2020 View
Karunya KR-455 04/07/2020 View
NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY (NR-180) 03/07/2020 View
Karunya Plus (KN-323) 02/07/2020 View
Akshaya (AK-452) 01/07/2020 View
SUMMER BUMPER-2020 (BR-72) 31/03/2020 View
POURNAMI (RN-436) 29/03/2020 View
NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY (NR-166) 27/03/2020 View
Karunya Plus (KN-309) 26/03/2020 View
Akshaya (AK-438) 25/03/2020 View
Sthree Sakthi (SS-202) 24/03/2020 View
WIN-WIN (W-557) 23/03/2020 View
POURNAMI (RN-435) 22/03/2020 View
Karunya KR-440 21/03/2020 View
NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY (NR-165) 20/03/2020 View
Karunya Plus (KN-308) 19/03/2020 View
Akshaya (AK-437) 18/03/2020 View
Sthree Sakthi (SS-201) 17/03/2020 View
WIN-WIN (W-556) 16/03/2020 View

Weekly Lottery Structure –

Day Lottery Name
Monday WIN -WIN
Wednesday AKSHAYA
Thursday KARUNYA PLUS From KN-1 Onwards
Saturday KARUNYA

Bumper Lotteries – 

X’mas- newyear

Kerala Lottery Lottery Price – 

The Price Of Weekly Tickets Worth Rs.20/, Rs. 30/- Rs. 50/- And Bumper Tickets Worth Rs.100/-And Rs. 200/-.

Prize Claim –

  • The prize-winner of a lottery shall surrender the prize-winning ticket within 30 days of the draw with all necessary documents.
  • Prizes up to Rs. 1 Lakh may be claimed from the District Lottery Offices concerned.
  • Prize-winning tickets above Rs.1 Lakh shall be surrendered before the Director of State Lotteries after affixing the signature, name, and address of the prize winner on the backside of the tickets with the following documents.**

Documents Needed In Prize Claim –

  1. A claim application along with a Photostat copy of both sides of the ticket, self attested.
  2. Two Passport size photographs of the prize-winner duly attested by a Gazetted Officer/Notary.
  3. A receipt for the prize money in the prescribed form affixing a revenue stamp worth Rs.1/- with full address of the prize-winner (download).
  4. If the prize winner is a minor, Guardianship certificate from a competent authority.
  5. In case of joint claims, one of the prize-winners should be authorized to receive the prize money and a ‘Joint Declaration’ in stamp paper worth Rs. 50/- should be executed.
  6. Self attested copy of the PAN Card.
  7. Attested document to prove identity ( Attested copy of Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Election ID Card etc)
  8. The letter of Authorisation from the prize-winner (download)
  9. The certificate from the receiving bank (download)
  10. The certificate from the collecting bank (download)